Friday, 4 November 2011

It's All in the Conditioning

I know, I know, this is getting somewhat redundant, but it's been another big week for the Sawdust City Brewing Co.  We've taken another step closer to getting our beer out in the market and it looks like we're close to pinning down a date for the release of Golden Beach Pale Wheat!

On Monday, October 31st at approximately 4:45pm, just before all the little ghouls and goblins hit the streets for some spooky treats, we received a notice from the AGCO that the Sawdust City Brewing Co had been granted a Manufacturer's License from the province of Ontario.  Basically this means that we are now able to produce and sell beer in the great and vast province of Ontario.  It's been a long road, but we've finally been given the green light and we couldn't be happier.  I'd post the actual license here, but I'm not sure of the legalities of all that.  So lest I lose it before I get to abuse it, I'm gonna err on the side of caution and just keep it in our internal files.  I hope y'all understand.

It's a good thing it came when it did too, cause the first batch of Golden Beach Pale Wheat has been brewed and is now cooling and conditioning in secondary fermentation.  I've been nervously tasting it each day, making sure it's progressing on course and so far the prognosis is good.  The Galaxy has given it a nice tropical citrus nose and the Sorachi has provided a nice lemony punch on the finish. As far as I'm concerned it's gonna be a wonderful summer beer.  Too bad it's the middle of the Fall right?  Well, sometimes the timing just doesn't work out, but I think we'll still be able to find a few drinkers willing to take the trip back to the land of summer.  Check out the back of our table-toppers.  It's got all the relevant information -

Like I said, it's looks like we're getting close to pinning down a date, right now we're eyeing up the third Friday in November, the 18th.  It's not 100%, but it's looking pretty good.  Keep checking back here and once we have the date and the list of bars it will be served in, we'll be sure to post it.

Other than that, it was another week of fun, this time at Volo CaskDays 2011.  This was the biggest and from many accounts the best  CaskDays in the history of the 7 year event.  I know I had a good time and it didn't hurt that we had a cask pouring at the event too.  "I Swear Sugarpants, it was your Idea" was cask # 77, here it is in all it's casky glory -
Yes, we were # 77...and we weren't the last ones.  So there were a lot of casks to be had.  Here's a quick shot of just one section of the event -

This was just the Ontario section, the rest of the Quadrangle at the Hart House was filled with other casks from such far flung locations as the U.K and British Columbia.  It was a veritable cornucopia of liquid decadence. With so much to drink and so little time, you can be assured that Rob, Karla and I did Sawdust City proud and worked our way around as many of these delicious casks as we could.  Alas, we couldn't get to them all, but what we did sample was fantastic.  Kudos to the brewers for putting their best foot forward and brewing some fantastic beer.  And Kudos to Ralph and his family for putting on a great event.  I can't think of how they are going to top it next year.  Speaking of's a photo of the tops of some casks -

Anyhoo, that's about it for this time.  Until next time, keep the beer in your mugs and the sawdust beneath your feet.

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  1. Mouth.. watering... looking forward to enjoying the fruits of your labour sir.