Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Big News and Lots a Brews

Well shoot, if that just wasn't the busiest week! Well, not so much a week as 8 days, but heck, you get the picture. Startin' with that big news we done dropped on y'all last Friday, and carryin' on all the way through to this past Saturday, with the Session Craft Beer Festival and the culmination of OCB Beer Week 2013...we've done been runnin' around like a buncha headless chickens!

That's right, if you ain't heard yet, we finally got our new home right here in good ol'Gravenhurst, Ontario. We told y'all that once we knew where we'd be, we'd be shoutin' it from the roof tops. And shoutin' it we did! If you ain't seen it yet, here's our new digs -

Well shoot, if that ain't just the purdiest thing you ever done laid eyes on. Our new home folks. Like I said before, it used to be the Old Canadian Tire, but now it's the New Sawdust City!  We're just as pleased as punch to finally be comin' home to Gravenhurst and we can't wait to get up and runnin'. Now, we don't get the keys til July 10th, so still got some time before we move in. And once we do get in, well, that's where the fun begins. We're gonna have to do some breakin' down and then some fixin' up before we get our brand new DME brewhouse delivered. So with a little luck, and a lotta hard work, we're lookin' at hopefully a Fall opening this year.  Keep yer eyes on this here blog for more updates, cause we're gonna be keepin' y'all up to speed on what's goin' down at Sawdust City.

Like I said, we done made this announcement last Friday, then not 24 hours later, we were at right back at'er! And right here at home none the less.  That's right, we were at Gull Lake Park in Gravenhurst, Ontario, slingin' our wares to the kind patrons of the Gravenhurst Antique Car Show.

Put on by the Gravenhurst Chamber of Commerce, the Antique Car Show was celebrating it's 20th year and what a celebration it was.  From the time the gates opened, until Terri Clark done left the stage that night, the crowd was buzzin' and people were enjoyin' the beautiful weather, amazing cars and of course...our great craft beer!  Take a look at this here beauty picture -

Heck, if I ain't mistaken that done be the first time we ever had our entire line up pouring at one time! Sounds kinda funny that after more than 18 months we ain't never had our whole team together, but shoot if that ain't the truth.  But that ain't all, we even brought the food -

Now with all that beer and all that pig, you can bet yer britches that it was a busy day. I can't recall a time during that whole dang day where we weren't busy pourin' pints. And shoot, after a day like that, you can get down right dirtay! Take a look at my poor feets. Shoot -

Now it might've been busy and we may've gotten a tad bit dirty, but I tells ya, were were just tickled pink by the reception we got from the good folks of Gravenhurst.  So many y'all came up to congratulate us on our new home and y'all enjoyed so much of our beer...well shoot, I just don't know what to say, but thanks!  We're gonna do our best to represent Gravenhurst just the best that we can. Hopefully, we'll do ya proud. So please, once we're open, drop by and say hello, cause we love visitors.

After such a great day, it was real nice to have a day off before the craziness of OCB Beer Week really done took off. Now, I don't want to bore y'all with all the details, cause between tap takeovers, beer dinners, rap performances & bottle royales we done did a whole heckuva lot.  So instead of goin' through it all, I'm just gonna say thanks to all the breweries, bars and heck, just about everyone that helped make this OCB Beer Week so fantastic.

First off, thanks to the OCB for puttin' together such an amazing week. We know it takes a lot of work to organize such a massive event, but somehow it done get better every year! Thank you.

To all y'all bars, BarHop, Get Well, The Only, Morgan's on the Danforth, The Rhino, Bryden's & Stout Irish Pub I just wanna say thanks for hostin' all the different events. If it weren't for all y'all we wouldn't have no wheres to party!

To Spearhead, Kensington & Beau's, thanks so much for doin' some collabs and for including us in some of your events. It's great to have such camaraderie in this here beer business.

To Fearless Fred, it was a blast workin' with you on the Allison Brier. Now, I know we didn't take home the big prize, but shoot if that t'wernt a tasty brew!  For all y'all that didn't get to try it...and there was a lot, cause it done run out so fast, here's a shot of Fred enjoyin' it with our almond encrusted, cinnamon honey drizzled, baked brie -

Shoot, it was tasty! Now, I may not be able to see the future, but if I were a bettin' man, I think we may see Allison again...cheers Fred!  

And lastly, a big thanks to Jed, Curt, Diana and the rest of the Griffin crew for not only backin' up MC Hops and the Figure Fours for our one and Only performance, but for also puttin' on such a great festival in Session Toronto.  Heck, what a way to wrap up OCB Beer Week, 20 great collaborations, tons of fantastic breweries, food vendors and shoot just about anything you could ask for in a Summer's day. Thanks!

Now what's next for Sawdust City? Well we gots a few events already lined up for July. First up we got our Sudbury Saturday night. We're hittin' the road folks and headin' North to Sudbury and the Hard Rock 42 for a tap takeover on July 6th. Now it's done been a while since I was up in Sudbury, heck, I ain't been back since I walked them there hallowed halls of Laurentian University.  So I'm purdy excited about finally headin' back for a night of fun and revelry. We're gonna be bringin' a full boat o'beer, so be sure to swing by the Hard Rock 42!

Next up we gots the Canadian Beer News Summer Fest at The Rhino in downtown Toronto.  We were at this event last year and it was a ton-a-fun. We're hopin' to bring out a new beer that day too...so pop by their website -


get yer tickets, and keep an eye on our Facebook page and Twitter feed for more information On what that Dang beer just might B?

Lastly we gots the Barrel Brews tent at The Toronto Festival of Beers on July 26-28th.  We're bringin' three different beers to this here tent...well actually it's one beer we done did three different ways. We done barrel aged our Ol'Woody Alt in three different barrels, to show y'all how a barrel can affect a beer. What we ended up with was, "One Bourbon, One Scotch and One Biere".  Here take a look at this here web clip from Chris Schryer and Fearless Fred as they try all three


For more information, on all the other Barrel Brews pop by the TFOB website -


Well shoot when I get talkin', I just go on and on. Hope I didn't bore y'all. Like I said, it's been a busy week, but man if I don't feel good about it.

Anyhoo, that just about does it for now. Until next time, keep the beer in your mugs and the sawdust beneath your feet.