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Sawdust City Brewing Co., maybe coming to Gravenhurst, but we like to spread the gospel of great beer, so you'll also be able to find us at selected establishments all across the great and vast province of Ontario.
So even as we spend our time getting situated up here in beautiful Muskoka, keep an eye out for Sawdust City beer at your favourite local pubs, bars and restaurants!

Ok, so you want a list eh?  Well here are some bars, pubs and restaurants that you can find our beer on a rotating basis. Keep an eye on this here blog for updates on which beer or beers are available.

The Griffin Gastropub - http://thegriffinpub.ca/
The Dock of the Bay -
The Frosty Pint - https://www.facebook.com/FrostyPintPub
North Restaurant - http://www.northinmuskoka.com/
Deerhurst Resort - http://www.deerhurstresort.com/
Dukes Refresher - http://dukesrefresher.ca/
The Rock Golf & Country Club - http://therockgolf.com/index.php/clubhouse

Toronto And the GTA
Grapefruit Moon  - http://www.grapefruitmoon.ca/
WVRST Beer & Sausage Hall - http://wvrst.com/
Burger Bar - http://www.theburgerbar.ca/
BarVolo - http://barvolo.com/
The Only Cafe - http://www.theonlycafe.com/
Morgan's on the Danforth - http://www.morgansonthedanforth.com/
Sarah's Cafe - http://www.partywithus.ca/
Betty's on King - http://www.bettysonking.com/
C'est What? - http://www.cestwhat.ca/
Bryden's on Bloor - http://www.brydens.ca/
The Rhino - http://www.therhino.ca/
Stout Irish Pub - http://www.stoutirishpub.ca/
Dominion on King - http://www.dominiononqueen.com/main.html
Crooked Cue - Port Credit - http://www.crookedcue.ca/
Tequila Bookworm - http://tequilabookworm.blogspot.ca/
3030 - http://www.3030dundaswest.com/
Thirsty & Miserable - http://www.facebook.com/thirstyandmiserabletoronto
Get Well - https://twitter.com/GetWellBar
Cowbell - http://cowbellrestaurant.ca/
BarHopBar - http://barhopbar.com/home.html
Red Rocket Coffee Shops - http://www.redrocketcoffee.com/
Castro's Lounge - http://castroslounge.com/
417 - http://417restaurantlounge.com/
Mugshot Tavern - http://www.themugshottavern.com/
Monk's Kettle - http://www.themonkskettle.com/
Magpie Taproom - http://magpietaproom.ca/
Sauce - http://www.sauceondanforth.com/
Victory Cafe - http://www.victorycafe.ca/home/
The Loose Moose - http://theloosemoose.ca/beer-menu/
Red's Wine Tavern - http://www.redswinetavern.com/
The Cadillac Lounge - http://www.cadillaclounge.com/
Lake Affect - http://www.lakeaffect.com/
Two Bite Saloon - https://www.facebook.com/pages/Two-Bite-Saloon/295302067241904
Hopgoods Foodliner - http://hopgoodsfoodliner.com/
Stack Smokehouse - http://stackrestaurant.ca/home
Indie Alehouse - http://indiealehouse.com/
The Wren - https://twitter.com/thewrendanforth
The Hole in the Wall - https://www.facebook.com/HoleInTheWallTO
The Dizzy - http://thedizzy.ca/
Pharmacy - http://www.blogto.com/bars/pharmacy-toronto
Lisa Marie - http://www.blogto.com/restaurants/lisa-marie-toronto
Dukes Refresher - http://dukesrefresher.ca/
The Auld Spot - http://www.auldspot.ca/
The Garrison - http://www.garrisontoronto.com/
Food & Liquor
Snakes and Lagers

The Casbah - http://www.casbahlounge.ca/
The Ship - http://www.theship.ca/
Augusta's Winking Judge - http://www.winkingjudge.com/
The Brain - https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Brain/318287314767

Baker St. Station - http://www.bakerstreetstation.ca/
The Woolwich Arrow - http://www.woolwicharrow.ca/
Borealis Grille Guelph - http://www.borealisgrille.ca/

Pipers Sports Bar - http://pipersthornbury.com/
The Iron Skillet - https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Iron-Skillet/112536942227795
Bruce Wine Bar - http://www.brucewinebar.ca/

The Local - http://thelocalgastropub.com/

The Brownstone Cafe - http://www.thebrownstonecafe.com/

The Kiwi - http://www.kiwicambridge.com/
Beertown - http://www.charcoalgroup.ca/?ww_pageID=6458C1F5-E4F4-B6B9-A0D282E8BA692DE8

Milo's Craft Beer Emporium - http://pubmilos.com/
The Morrissey House - http://themorrisseyhouse.com/

Imbibe Food & Drink -
Bent Elbow - https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Bent-Elbow/469993776369976
Borealis - http://www.borealisgrille.ca/
Kick-off Sports Bar - https://www.facebook.com/pages/Kickoff/145347135508912
Jane Bond - http://janebond.ca/

Silversmith Brewery - http://www.silversmithbrewing.com/

The Arrow & Loon - http://www.arrowandloon.com/
Brother's Beer Bistro - http://www.brothersbeerbistro.ca/
Wellington Gastropub - http://www.thewellingtongastropub.com/
Union 613 - http://union613.ca/
The Lunenburg Pub & Bar -  http://theburg.ca/
Pub Italia - http://www.pubitalia.ca/

The Red House - http://www.redhousekingston.com/

Hard Rock 42 - http://www.hardrock42gastropub.com/